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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trend: Vintage

Vintage themed weddings have been in trend for a few years, focusing on gold, lace, silver, and classic patterns. This trend a sure-fire way to ensure that you won't look back at your wedding photos 10 years from now and grimace - instead, your wedding will look timeless.

Romantic French Wedding Treasury

Color Study: Tiffany Blue

A timeless classic, this color can be used for a fun, formal wedding, or a beach wedding, as seen here:

Blue Beach Wedding Treasury

Color Study: Hot Pink/Fuschia

A true Pop of Pink for this summer! This color has been featured in many bridal magazines for summer 2011.

Pop of Pink Wedding Treasury

Color Study: Turquoise

One of my favorite colors for this year: turquoise! It fits well into a peacock theme, destination wedding, or a fun summer wedding.

Vibrant Turquoise Ring Pillow

Wedding Color Trends: Summer

The trends for Summer 2011 appear to include some lovely colors. My personal favorites are honeysuckle pink and turquoise, as you can probably see within my Etsy shop! I actually used the combination of yellow, orange, and pink in my own wedding and am still in love with the look. Also, vintage-inspired colors continue to be the hot trend from last year.

Source: Brides Magazine
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